A commercial deep fryer is one of the cornerstone pieces of restaurant equipment in the United States. No matter what type of fryer you ultimately equip your restaurant with; each of them makes it possible to quickly, safely, and hygienically fry large amounts of food in oil with considerable ease. If you are new to.. read more →

If you have ever asked yourself, “what is a good restaurant supply store near me,” you are not alone. One of the toughest steps of opening or renovating a restaurant can be finding the nearest stores that are trustworthy, well-priced, and offer the equipment you need. The restaurant business is one of the most competitive.. read more →

Serrated bread knives are used for a variety of tasks, not just for slicing bread. Whether you’re cutting loaves of French bread, a triple-layer cake, or a delicate vegetable — a good serrated knife shouldn’t be overlooked. Recently, Cook’s Illustrated performed a test to find the best serrated knives. After putting numerous knives ranging in price through.. read more →

There are several tips that a professional chef or owner can use when buying commercial kitchen supplies. The first is to make sure you stick with the equipment you are used to using. Therefore, going in with a plan when it’s time to purchase will make your shopping experience easier. Whether you opt for new.. read more →

01 Jun 2017
June 1, 2017

New: Flexsil-Lids

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Nowadays, new technology continuously makes our lives easier. One of these new products to hit the food service industry is the Flexsil-lid. This line of lids was invented in Australia by Albert David who watched his wife struggle to keep food fresh over a period of time in her restaurant. Out of this, came the.. read more →