The official start of autumn is just around the corner, yet in many places across the United States the first touches of fall are already noticeable. Whether it is the changing leaves or the appearance of more comfortable clothing styles, this time of year has a tendency to cause warm and fuzzy feelings, even as the temperatures turn colder.

These cozy tendencies are reflected in the choices of food we make, and autumn becomes the time of year to grab a scarf and find something soothing to eat. In this tradition, foods flavored with pumpkin spice and cinnamon jump to the top of everyone’s wish list. However, unlike the dead of winter, where fresh, local foods are harder to find, autumn is still about produce and light dishes, too. Later in the year come the days of hearty stews and steaming roasts. Instead, autumn is really about changing your spices and adding pumpkin to the menu.

These changes can often require additional devices and tools in the kitchen. If you haven’t picked up these necessary pieces of equipment and supplies, it’s time to get to the nearest restaurant supply store!

Everything You Need for a Fantastic Pizza
In the United States, pizza is a year-round food. It is served outside with beers and friends or even as take out on a rainy night. There is something special about pizza in the autumn, though. It seamlessly transitions to pairing with wine and is a mainstay comfort food that is ideal for fall’s falling temperatures. It can also be customized for a variety of toppings, which might include seasonal produce or herbs.

However, if your restaurant or home meal rotation doesn’t include pizza already, you probably need to grab a few supplies to start out. An important piece of equipment for cooking in a brick oven or other large, industrial oven is a pizza peel. Pizza Peels allow chefs too efficiently and safely place pizzas in an enclosed, hot area, rotate the pizzas, and then remove them. Other pizza supplies include a sharp and reliable slicer and large serving plates for dishing up the doughy goodness to customers.

Stick with Italian and Incorporate a Pasta
While Italian restaurants do traditional pasta dishes with care and consistency, autumn is the perfect time for any contemporary or modern restaurant to experiment with a pasta offering. Whether you want to modify an old favorite or attempt to take on a classic, you are certain to win over your chilly guests with a pasta dish in the fall. There are so many ways to flavor and work with this basic food that your kitchen could end up with multiple on the menu.

New to serving up pasta? There are some supplies your restaurant is going to need. To start, you may want to invest in a pasta maker. While traditional Italian places roll, toss, and cut pasta by hand, it’s a skill that takes time to learn. You can compromise between traditional pasta and premade by having the right equipment in your restaurant. Additionally, you need to stock up on extra large pots for cooking the pasta and heating any sauce. There are also devices to mince your garlic or sift herbs much more quickly, if those ingredients are needed.

Kick It into High Gear with Asian Soups
While the United States is more familiar with dishes from Europe, such as stews and chicken soups, there is nothing more comforting than a hot, spicy bowl of pho or ramen on an autumn day. These Asian dishes are classics in many parts of the world, and are quickly becoming in demand throughout North America.

As their popularity grows, it is more common to see these foods on restaurant menus that are not exclusively Asian. For example, there are pubs in Tasmania that offer an incredibly delicious green curry and pho. The global trend towards new and interesting cuisines could be the perfect thing to embrace on your fall menu or among the specials you offer. The only issue is that many of these dishes come with specific preparation and serving needs.

First, pho and similar soups are often cooked in a large pot with a strainer holding the noodles in the broth and water, but preventing them from sinking to the bottom. You can emulate this with a two-in-one pot or large-size strainer. Additionally, you will want to offer the right bowls and cutlery when you serve an Asian soup. Look for deep, wide brim bowls, Asian soup spoons, and chopsticks to complete the experience.

Buying Your Autumn Restaurant Supplies
No matter what you want to add to the menu this autumn, you can find the restaurant supplies you need at Gator Chef. Our range of cookware, food preparation tools such as pizza peels, kitchen utensils, and food safety supplies is extensive. Can’t find what you need in our online store? Call us at 888.944.2867, and we will direct you to the right place!

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