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Increase restaurant business by well utilizing social media   Well, how about using Facebook and Twitter to promote and show off new menu items? You can empower your employees to act as brand ambassadors to help spread the word, and use Instagram and Pinterest to share mouth-watering photographs of your head chef’s latest creations. Social.. read more →

05 Aug 2013
August 5, 2013

How to Prevent Employee Theft

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Prevent Theft In The Workplace Employee theft is something that most restaurant owners encounter at one time or another. No matter how well you think you know your employees there is always a possibility of theft. Employee theft in restaurants takes many forms, including giving away free food and drinks to customers without authorization, stealing.. read more →

26 Jul 2013
July 26, 2013

Time To Clean Your Ice Machine(s)

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“Is Fast-Food Ice ‘Dirtier Than Toilet Water?” This is a hot topic among the Chinese now. China Central Television reports that Beijing franchises of McDonald’s, KFC and Shanghai-based fast-food restaurant Kungfu used ice that was found to contain up to 19 times the amount of bacteria than the acceptable limit for drinking water. Click this.. read more →

Ever wish you could give your business a quick, budget facelift? If so, you might want to watch Restaurant Impossible. On this show, chef Robert Irvine works with struggling restaurateurs, teaching them the basics of how to manage a restaurant for profit.   While he works with the owner and chefs, his interior designer, Taniya Nayak, has two days and a.. read more →

1. Your restaurant menu should be original. Well, kind of. The ideal restaurant menu offers a balance of unique dishes and old favorites. Consider the basic burger. You can offer it in classic form- plain or with American cheese. And you can also offer a unique version, one that fits with your restaurant theme, like.. read more →

This article will give you several ideas to increase your summer restaurant business to boost your sales, make your staff happy with more money, bring customers to you now and for future business and to keep your restaurant busy! The summer months can either make your business or break it. How and Why? Well, if you’re not in the greatest location.. read more →