Recreation Hope you are not near those closed recreation locations. All national parks would be closed, as would the Smithsonian museums, including the National Zoo in Washington. Visitors using overnight campgrounds or other park facilities would be given 48 hours to make alternate arrangements and leave the park. Among the visitor centers that would.. read more →

10 Sep 2013
September 10, 2013

HACCP Guide for Food Service Industry

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Introduction of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points What is HACCP? Such preventive control systems with documentation and verification are widely recognized by scientific authorities and international organizations as the most effective approach available for producing safe food. It can be applied to every product and process using the processor’s operational knowledge, common sense and.. read more →

Most people don’t think about food safety until they or someone they know gets sick from eating contaminated food. It can happen to anyone.   Common Foodborne Illnesses and Symptoms The most common foodborne illnesses are norovirus, Salmonella,Clostridium perfringens, and Campylobacter. Symptoms of food poisoning can be as commonplace as diarrhea or as life-threatening as organ failure. These illnesses can.. read more →