12 Oct 2016
October 12, 2016

Stainless Steel Equipment Stands

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Keeping your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently is always a priority. This is why items like equipment stands are common sights in most kitchens. These stands are built to raise countertop pieces of equipment such as griddles and charbroilers to a working height. The trick when buying these pieces of equipment often times depends on where your business is located. Certain areas have different requirements for equipment stands — some counties require equipment stands to be constructed from all stainless steel, whereas others allow for galvanized steel on the legs and other areas. 

Normally, stainless steel equipment stands cost a good deal more than galvanized stands; however, the commercial manufacturer, Atosa, now offers a line of all stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment stands at an affordable price. With a cost just slightly more than galvanized stands, it makes purchasing a well-constructed, durable stainless steel stand that much easier. Available in three different sizes, these equipment stands have a lot to offer at a great price!

Check out these all stainless steel equipments stand here!

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