Ah, spring is in the air. Tulips have miraculously sprung from the dirt, trees have blossomed over night, and all those cool, rainy days have brought with them the lush promises of warm weather. Spring for many families and businesses means cleaning. So when you’re going through all your used equipment, both big and small, and you’re thinking to yourself, hmm do I really need this? Am I going to use this? If the answer is no, then think about selling it! Here are a few tips when it comes to selling your used items.

First off, there are two ways to about selling your equipment. You can either sell it yourself or sell it to a dealer, like Gator Chef. When selling your own equipment, think about what market you will be appealing to and consider using a website like Craigslist to advertise. When selling to a dealer like Gator Chef, we do that work for you. 

Here’s a few easy tips to consider when selling your used equipment:

  • Clean your equipment. C’mon, no one wants to buy an oven covered in dirt and food residue. Be sure your equipment is in the best selling condition possible. Wash and clean your equipment so it looks brand-spankin’ new.
  • Locate equipment manuals and warranties. Selling your equipment with everything it originally came with will only increase its value. Keep in mind that some warranties may be transferrable to a new owner.
  • Determine the fair market price for your equipment. Take into consideration the age and wear of the equipment. According to the Small Business Association, (SBA) liquidated merchandise is normally priced at 20 percent of the retail value. Consult with an equipment appraiser for suggested pricing before you consider any offers. The SBA also warns that some restaurant equipment loses value if moved to another location, so keep your equipment on the premises for as long as possible.

Interested in selling your used equipment to Gator Chef? Drop us a line at: info@gatorchef.com Or give us a call at: 888-944-2867

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