25 Mar 2014
March 25, 2014

Scotsman Ice Machine Special Sales


Scotsman discounts
Scotsman – The Company That Reinvented Ice.

Scotsman is also recognized as the company with the most types of ice from which to choose. With their high performance technology, Scotsman is proud to call themselves “the Smart Choice in Ice”. A vanguard in energy efficiency, Scotsman ice machines are designed to decrease utility costs and water usage. Scotsman has been recognized by as one of the top ten best manufacturing plants in America.

From hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and fast-food outlets, to hospitals, laboratories, fisheries and food processing facilities, Scotsman machines play a crucial role in the success of each operation. With a reliable supply of cubes, flake, superflake, scale, nugget, and gourmet ice, in quantities that range from one cube at a time to 10 tons of ice a day, Scotsman is clearly the Ice The World Demands™.

Scotsman Prodigy

There are more than 65 ENERGY STAR Scotsman ice machine models, and there are few that conserve resources the way that ice machines from Scotsman’s Prodigy® Series do. The technology and design of Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines allow these units to create ice while using significantly less energy and water than traditional ice machines. With their optional controls, you can program the ice machine to make ice at any time you need it. With these controls at your finger tips, it makes a difference to the environment as well as your bottom line. Since ice will not be made when it is not required, you will save even more by conserving energy and water resources. Your customers will also benefit from the fresher ice as well, as it will not sit as long in the bin before being used or served. Scotsman has truly thought about the end user and their business.

Scotsman Promotion

Gator Chef is proud to promote Scotsman ice machines as they are some of the most energy efficient, reliable ice machines available. Shop Scotsman Ice Machines at Gator Chef Restaurant Equipment. Our free shipping benefit and price match guarantee ensure that you never pay more than you should, and always get the ice machine you’re looking for. Call 888-944-2867 to contact a salesperson to answer all of your questions.



Scotsman Ice Machine Special Sales
Article Name
Scotsman Ice Machine Special Sales
Scotsman Commercial Ice Machine - With over 300 commercial Scotsman ice machine cubers, flakers, bins, and ice dispensers, including undercounter units, Scotsman leads the industry in reliability and care-free maintenance by designing forward-thinking ice machines.
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3 Responses to Scotsman Ice Machine Special Sales
  1. We get a lot of Sonic Ice Fanatics buying the SCN60PA for their homes. We are one of them. We have one in our home. I use copious amounts of ice in my rum and cokes!

  2. commercial ice machine May 7, 2014 at 12:08 pm Reply

    I have actually a Scotsman AC226 Ice machine. The device is constantly feeling water around a point of overflowing. What could be the issue with the equipment?

    • There could be a lot of possibilities regarding to this issue. I would recommend to consult a mechanic for this. You can call Alliance Mechanical Service at 630-860-0011, they would give you free advices for such issues.

      – Gator Chef Al


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