17 Sep 2013
September 17, 2013

Buying Smallwares For Your Restaurant

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While there are non-commercial smallware available, it is advised not to purchase them as they will not be able to withstand being used in a commercial kitchen. Within a few months you will have to purchase more and this could costly, while commercial smallware is sturdier and will save you money in the end. Commercial smallware is also able to withstand the test of repeatedly cleaning.

While purchasing new restaurant quality smallwares may not be in your budget, you could look into investing in quality used smallwares. Most times you will find within restaurant supply stores that they offer used and refurbished smallwares and much lower costs.

Making your purchases of smallware please keep in mind the size of your restaurant so that you purchase smallware in the correct sizes. With a bigger restaurant comes the need for larger pots and pans, as with a smaller restaurant can get away with much smaller pots and pans. Purchasing refurbished or used smallware make sure you are getting the best quality item, to ensure it will last awhile. Only buy as much smallware as you think your restaurant will need, there is no need to purchase more than what you will initially use.

” How Many Smallwares Should I Purchase?” If you purchase the right amount of smallwares in the beginning you can avoid running out of cutlery or glassware. Purchasing the right amount of smallwares not only prevents you from running out of the tools and smallwares, but it also can save you lots of money. But what is the right amount? Different successful restaurants may each have their own formula which they believe works best for them. There has yet to be a proven rule of thumb method. Some restaurant owners can offer useful tips for you:

1) Cutlery

You should purchase two and half times as many place settings as number of seats. Cutlery is easily thrown away, damaged and stolen. Therefore, a restaurant requires a lot more on hand.

2) Glassware

Glassware includes all glasses used in the dining room and bar except for any less frequently used barware such as shot glasses and brandy snifters. If you serve water to each person then you should purchase one and a half times the number of seats. In any restaurant, 16oz glasses are used most often. Purchase extra to avoid reordering something that may be out of stock. If you plan to use the same type of glass for water, pop and beer, then you should order three times the number of seats. Glassware can easily be broken from waiters dropping them or customers knocking them over accidentally. Dishwashing chemicals that are needed to sanitize the glassware properly can often cloud the glasses and also chip them

3) China

You should purchase two times as many place settings as number of seats. Keep in mind if you have specialty china that requires significant wait times. If you know a certain piece of china will take three months to arrive, then you should purchase more of that particular item. Work with your supplier to see what type of china is frequently in stock. You may want to consider going with something that can be easily replaced.

4) Barware

You should purchase one and half times the number of seats for the more commonly used glassware such wine and beer glasses. This rule of thumb does not apply to shot glasses, rock glasses or brandy snifters. These types of glasses should be based on the number of sales you believe you will achieve. Rock glasses will probably be used more than shot glasses and brandy snifters. However, this will all depend on the type of restaurant you have and how much of your sales comes from the bar. Because speed is everything for a bartender, breakage is higher therefore you may want to increase the quantity of your order.




What restaurant smallwares should I get when opening a restaurant?
Article Name
What restaurant smallwares should I get when opening a restaurant?
Generally smallwares consists of the following categories: glassware, flatware, dinnerware, cookware, pots and pans, table top items, bar supplies, food preparation utensils and tools, storage supplies, service items and small appliances costing $800 or less, depending on the size of your restaurant.
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