Running a Hot Dog cart business may be simple, but it isn’t easy for sure. Before you get started, doing some research is necessary. Whether you own a Hot Dog stand or sell Hot Dogs at a concession stand — there are some important things for the success of your business. 1. What is the.. read more →

Choose EnergyStar®, Make Earth A Better Place Earth Day is coming and people across the country are doing something good for planet earth. What are your plans? Do you know there are some easy ways to make protecting the environment from climate change as well as save you a big money? EnergyStar® certified equipment use.. read more →

food storage containers

Choosing food storage containers for a commercial kitchen is different from choosing for home kitchen. Health code comes first in food service industry, and at Gator Chef we would like to explain the various container’s plastic material types, and how each type should be used. Material Types: There are (2) types of plastic used for Commercial.. read more →

Which type should you choose? Conveyor Dishwashers Conveyor dishwashers are used in commercial kitchens that serve up to 1,500 meals during a rush. These commercial dishwashers use a conveyor system to pull the dish racks threw the wash, rinse, & sanitize chambers and can effectively clean upwards of 300 racks per hour. Door Type Dishwashers.. read more →

27 Mar 2015
March 27, 2015

5 Tips For Using Dishwashers

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Dishwashers is a great helpful timesaver, and in this fast-paced world, everyone is desperate for even a little more time. Though throwing dishes into a machine seems an easy way for us, if the dishwasher is not maintained well and breaks down accidentally, not only can we be left with that tedious chore, but also.. read more →