11 Feb 2014
February 11, 2014

Commercial Sinks Purchase Tips

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  3-Bowl Scullery Your 3-bowl scullery sink is your main wash sink for all your kitchen utensils. You’ll have one basin for washing, one for rinsing, and the third for sanitizing. Of course, you’ll also want a nice-sized area to drain your wet items at the end of the line. This is your largest sink,.. read more →

Complaining about Chicago’s brutal winters is a proud civic tradition but this time, Chicago is experiencing a really really cold weather. The wind chill hit 40 degrees below zero Monday morning at O’Hare Airport, and the extreme cold is expected to stick around for the couple of days. Mint is great –  Start your day with a.. read more →

16 Dec 2013
December 16, 2013

Restaurant Equipment Winter Sale

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Gator Chef Restaurant Equipment is proud to launch “Winter Special Sale” with selected products. From baking supplies to Commercial Pizza Oven, we selected the best restaurant equipment & kitchen supplies products, such as coffee decanters, muffin pans, chafers, and steam table pans, for you to warm up this holiday season! We’ve got what you need.. read more →

13 Nov 2013
November 13, 2013

8 Things that Chefs Never Tell You


Chefs are pickier than you think You might think chefs need to eat everything to get new ideas for their creations, but the truth is most chefs are not willing to eat EVERYTHING. The top 5 food that chefs hate most are liver, sea urchin, tofu, eggplant and oysters, of all things. Only 15% of.. read more →

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