11 Jun 2015
June 11, 2015

Keep Your Customers in the Know:

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Tips for how to stay up-to-date with customers.

Friday night, you have a new drink on special. Something your bartender spent hours perfecting, the perfect blend of savory juices and sweet liquors, just in time for summer. You want to let all your customers know about this, as well as all your other Friday night specials. After all, it is the weekend. You’re open late, right? So, the question is, how do you let your customers know about all this? How do you keep them in the know? Here are a few easy tips that are commonly overlooked.

Consider foot/street traffic. When people walk or drive by your business, do they know if you’re open? Or what time you close? Don’t make it difficult for your customers to figure out what time you open and close. They shouldn’t have to drive by and then google your business to figure it out, right? Also, make sure your business looks appealing! This can be done in a number of simple ways. For example, have your hours clearly visible right outside your door. Consider lighting. Or, use new technology: Open_Sign_600x600

  • Gator Chef offers the new Green Light LED, remote controlled open sign with business hours. Something like this can be useful in a number of ways. It features a “key fob” remote control to easily turn the sign on and off, as well as 64 different color combinations. In addition, besides featuring lost-lasting LED lights, the sign is also fully programmable with all your business hours and is 18×18 inches so it’s big enough for street traffic to see!


Use social media. In this day and age, everyone has Facebook, even your grandma. Yes, that’s right. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, all the those social apps are basically second nature to us. So, with this being said, there is no reason to not use social media when it comes to promoting your restaurant or bar.

Facebook. Easily the most common social media app, Facebook is a mecca for restaurants and businesses alike. Many businesses don’t even have a website, they solely use their Facebook as their main source of outgoing information. So, what can you put on your Facebook? Anything, the sky is the limit! But let’s start here:

  • Post specials. Use Facebook to reach out to your customers, let them know what’s new and going on with your place. Whether you own a pizza place, bar, or a seafood restaurant — you will have specials. When you have that new drink, a new recipe, karaoke night, a special discount, or anything of the sort — post it on Facebook. Let your customers know about it! Remember, no one will come try your new drink if they haven’t heard about it.
  • Create invitations. With Facebook, no one needs to send out invitations anymore. Hosting a party? A special event? Create an invite on Facebook and invite everyone you know and don’t know. This way you can easily tell people the date, time, and what’s happening. So next time your establishment is hosting a special event for the Superbowl or the Final Four, spread the word.
  • Give your info. Let your customers know the basic information they probably are googling right now. What are your hours of operation? Are you open seven days a week? Put down anything your customers might want to know — what your restaurant serves, how you got started, what you’re known for, hours, phone number, links to other important sites on the internet, etc.

Instagram. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, at least some of them. Pictures can be a great way to entice your customers to come into your restaurant, bar, or other business. Instagram is an app for your phone that allows you to share photos. It’s a quick, easy, and fun way to share and expand awareness of your restaurant.

  • Post pictures of your greatest creations. Have a new dish your chef just perfected? Snap a picture of it, post it for all your followers to see, and watch how many “likes” you get. The more people who like your photo, the more word will spread about your restaurant.
  • Take photos of your establishment, drinks your bar is serving, and anything else that creatively shows the vibe, essence, or idea behind your business. This is a fun way to think about promotion.

Remember, don’t overthink things. When it comes to keeping your customers in the know, keep it simple. What do they need to know and how can you tell them? Post it, share it, make it visible.

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