1Running a Hot Dog cart business may be simple, but it isn’t easy for sure. Before you get started, doing some research is necessary. Whether you own a Hot Dog stand or sell Hot Dogs at a concession stand — there are some important things for the success of your business.

1. What is the startup cost? How much can I earn?

Some people will operate a Hot Dog cart on their own equipment and sell at places such as flea markets, auctions, music and sports events.

  • The whole startup costs will be around $4,000 – $10,000.
  • Hot Dog vendors regularly can earn $4,000 per month and more in terms of the season and location.

2. How to start my Hot Dog business?

  • Get licenses and permits from your local health department.
  • Apply for a business license. Contact the county clerk’s office or local small business administration office to get business licensing.
  • Secure a vendor’s permit in your local community.

3. Our Suggestion

  • Hot Dog Roller Grill. These grills cook hot dogs in 10 minutes and hold as much as 20 to 75 hot dogs to meet any application.
  • Hot Dog Steamer. They keep product fresh and do not require a large amount of time or attention. A normal steamer can contain 130 Hot Dogs & 30-40 Buns.

4. Where should I sell my hot dog?

You will need to research some events that may have a big potential market. In many cases, your can get a listing of upcoming special events in your city online.  Below are a couple of great opportunities, such as Lollapalooza, food festival, marathon and so on.

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