A lot of home cooks visited restaurant supply store and they LOVE it since their first visits. Because restaurant supply stores usually sell products at a lower-than-retail-price, but you need to make sure items you purchased are “friendly” to your kitchen. Some small appliances may only be used in commercial kitchen.

It happened when you were in a restaurant and you found that you love their plates, forks, or even their chairs —- You can get all of them from a restaurant supply store! Kitchen supplies may be a good choice for home cooks, since most of them are also applicative for home kitchens, such as food containers, cookwares, tabletop supplies, and chef knives. You may prefer a chef knife to your own knife once you try it. And You may also find a 12 quart pot with a regular pan handle on one end and a helper handle on the other, raw aluminum, 2.5mm thick, and set you less than 20 bucks. The versatility will surprise you once you started using it regularly. Here is an example for stock pot>>.

Some people may love baking at home. Do you know you can get everything cheaper at a restaurant supply store than at Target? Check the baking supplies items in the following link: www.gatorchef.com/Baking-Supplies-s/90.htm, and compare them with items you purchased from local supermarket. You will feel surprised that you can find more supplies and tools in a restaurant supply store than in a grocery with cheaper price. With these “armors”, it is the first step for you to become a professional baker.

Look for a local restaurant supply store and make a visit today and probably you can get your kitchen a new update!


Gator Chef locates in Chicagoland, 3 minutes from O’Hare airport. Visit our Chicagoland Restaurant Supply Showroom for everything you need in your kitchen.

What Can A Home Cook Buy At Restaurant Supply Store?
Article Name
What Can A Home Cook Buy At Restaurant Supply Store?
You may think restaurant supply stores sell only commercial kitchen equipment and tools to professional chefs. Actually, home cooks can also visit local restaurant supply stores and do some little shoppings (Yes, you don't have to make a big order in a restaurant supply store).
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