09 Oct 2013
October 9, 2013

Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas


Here we collect some cupcake and cake decoration ideas for you. The cupcake and decorations below could be made by the simplest items that you can buy from a local grocery or nearest kids’ toy store. To get prepared,  you will need (other than the cupcakes and cakes)  liquid chocolate, different colors of whipped cream, candy sticks, different color of syrup, chipped or minced coconut and any small colored candy pieces or similar kids’ sweets.

You also need cake decorating supplies before your creation. Do you know you can get wholesale bakery tools from restaurant supply store, and you would find out the prices are much better than those in any merchandisers  —— Simply browse our bakery supplies selection to make sure you got all the tools you need. (www.gatorchef.com/Baking-Supplies-s/90.htm), or check out our decorating supplies.

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Now, begin to work on your imagination! 

Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas - Best Halloween Cake
Article Name
Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas - Best Halloween Cake
Halloween is one of the best times to put your spooky and creative side to work. Among the home decor that we set up for Halloween, there is also the food decorations that play a great role in bringing the spooky atmosphere around. You can make devil cakes, spider cupcakes, or any spooky decorations such as monster, eyeballs, etc.
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  1. I love all the creations I see here!! I would love to see some receipes to follow! I love the ghost cake! It’s perfect for an adult party too!

  2. Very good article about the halloween cake decoration!

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