03 Sep 2015
September 3, 2015

Guide to Commercial Slicers

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Simplify the decision you have to make when it comes to commercial slicers. Whether you need to slice large amounts of cheese or meat, there is a slicer for you. Slicers are a great addition to any kitchen, deli, cafeteria, and the like. By providing portion control, commercial mixers offer a great way to save money and ensure efficiency. 

Figure out what you need to slice and how much. In the slicer world, there are three different categories of slicers: premium, mid-level, and economy. Premium offers the most horsepower and biggest blade size for high-volume work; mid-level slicers are best used for meat and veggies; and economy slicers work best for a few hours of lighter work.

Manual versus automatic. Manual slicers are best suited for on-demand slicing in a lighter-volume environment; whereas automatic slicers work well in high-demand restaurants or delis.

For more information check out Gator Chef’s page on commercial slicers here!

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One Response to Guide to Commercial Slicers
  1. It is good to invest in a professional slicer for your restaurant. It will save you a lot of time and make every slice look perfect.


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