22 Jul 2014
July 22, 2014

Gear Up Chicago Restaurants

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Restaurant Equipment and tools that make Chicago Style Food.

“What’s the best food in Chicago?” This is a question that every visitor will ask when they come to Chicago. Any Chicagoan can give loads of ideas about Chicago’s BEST food, and today we are going to introduce you the kitchen equipment/tools that make these food.


1. Italian Sausage

grindermeatMaking your own Italian sausages is a great way to create a quality product to impress your customers. It also allows you to personalize your sausages so you can season them to make your own style. The grinder you need is really dictated by the amount of sausage you plan to make at each session. A small “Walmart special” grinder cost less than $100 will suffice if all you are making is two or three pounds in a session. But for quantities over 10-15 lbs., you need a commercial standard meat grinder that works efficiently. If you think you are going to be making larger batches of sausage, or you want to invest in a grinder that takes a bit less work and is more modern, consider an electric sausage grinder.

Bonus Tip: Don’t buy a used electric grinder unless it’s from a source you really trust. They are more complicated than manual models.



2. Deep Dish Pizza

deepdishpansIt doesn’t take very long to make deep-dish pizzas if you have all of your ingredients and equipment ready to go. Restaurant can make deep-dish pizzas with any regular commercial standard pizza oven. It is the Deep-Dish pan that makes the spectacular presentation. Deep Dish Pans are various in shapes, sizes, and styles, and usually they are not only perfect for deep dish pizza, but for cakes and other baked items as well! A non-stick pizza pan is a great option for busy pizzerias or even restaurants that make the occasional pizza. With the right gears you can serve your customers with deep dish pizzas in your style!

Bonus Tip: Buy deep dish pans in a local restaurant supply store instead of any retail stores for a better price.



3. Chicago Hot Dogs

The Chicago Hot Dog is, perhaps, one of the most improbable food combinations in the world. But Chicagoans love it! The equipment you need to make Chicago Hot Dog are not different from any other hot dog makers, to build an efficient hot dog restaurant, you need Hot Dog Roller Grill or Broiler, Hot Dog Bun Box and Warmer, Hot Dog Steamer. The only different is “Do Not Put Ketchup!”

“Where to go for them?” That is even more debatable question. When you get a good idea of recipes, and geared up with the right equipment and tools, we believe you can make your restaurant one of the most famous destination for Chicgao style food!

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