06 Sep 2013
September 6, 2013

Can food be serious art? Absolutely!

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It’s been a long time that people debate on this topic: Can Food Be Serious Art?

Some people think that food can be art from many aspects, while the others think that the goal of food is to feed people.


Get the aesthetic feelings from these dishes with decoration and styling, and maybe you will agree with me that food can be serious art!

food art 1 food art 2 food art 3 food art 4 food art 5 food art 6 food art 7 food art 8 food art 9 food art 10 food art 11 food art 12


What do you think?

Can food be serious art?  Absolutely!
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Can food be serious art? Absolutely!
Actually, food can be art because food can give people pleasant reaction. They feel happy if they eat delicious food. There is an important way to prove food is a form of art—the definition of art. Maybe the function of some food is to feed people, but some chefs - I would rather call them "artists" - can really make food look fantastic!
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