1Choose EnergyStar®, Make Earth A Better Place

Earth Day is coming and people across the country are doing something good for planet earth. What are your plans? Do you know there are some easy ways to make protecting the environment from climate change as well as save you a big money? EnergyStar® certified equipment use 70-90% less energy and last longer than your old inefficient facilities. Saving Earth and your dollar at the same time, it is the perfect time to choose EnergyStar® certified equipment for your kitchen!

What is EnergyStar®?

Today, more than 85 percent of Americans recognize the EnergyStar® label. Families and businesses have saved more than $239 billion on utility bills and prevented more than 1.9 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the past two decades. The interplay of government, business, and market forces brought together through EnergyStar® literally has changed history.

Why EnergyStar® can save you money?

Local and Federal Benefits

Before you set foot on a showroom floor or start shopping online, check your local and federal energy rebates. In some cases, you can receive hundreds of dollars back on large ticket items. This should be your first stop to help you determine which parameters to shop within to give you the greatest value.

Long-Term Use

EnergyStar®’s website also has formulas to help you figure energy savings over the course of time. Called “Simple Payback,” this rate coupled with your local energy rates give you the most accurate energy savings number. Use this to evaluate each purchase over the course of the item’s expected life span. Will you have that walk-in freezer for ten years? Will your range last at least five? Chances are, your initial cost on an EnergyStar® item will dwindle close to zero the longer you have the machine.

Resale Value

As EnergyStar® appliances and restaurant equipment become more and more popular, even required in some places, in a few short years only energy efficient machines will have resale value. Some even predict future penalties on non-efficient businesses, so stay ahead of the game and ensure you’ll get the most you can from your purchase, both through use and resale.

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