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Choosing food storage containers for a commercial kitchen is different from choosing for home kitchen. Health code comes first in food service industry, and at Gator Chef we would like to explain the various container’s plastic material types, and how each type should be used.

Material Types:

There are (2) types of plastic used for Commercial Food Storage Containers:


  • Clear in color
  • Extremely durable
  • Stackable
  • Temperature Range: -40 F to 210 F
  • Usage: For storage and transportation of raw or prepared food


  • Translucent or white in color
  • Extremely durable and stain resistant
  • Stackable
  • Temperature Range: -40 F to 160 F
  • Usage: For storage and transportation of prepared food only


Both types are dishwasher safe, have molded-in (built-in) handles for carrying, have graduation marking on the outside of the container for measurements, and are available in various quart sizes from 2 qt. up to 22 qt.


Lids or covers for Food Storage Containers are color coded for size, with the same size lid being used for both polycarbonate and polypropylene type containers.

Lid Sizes:

  • Small: Used for both 2 qt. & 4 qt. containers
  • Medium: Used for both 6 qt. & 8 qt. containers
  • Large: Used for 12 qt., 18qt., and 22qt. containers


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One Response to How To Choose Food Storage Containers For Restaurant?
  1. First of all you need to check out the space of your restaurant before buying any storage container.


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