Which type should you choose?

Conveyor Dishwashers

Conveyor dishwashers are used in commercial kitchens that serve up to 1,500 meals during a rush. These commercial dishwashers use a conveyor system to pull the dish racks threw the wash, rinse, & sanitize chambers and can effectively clean upwards of 300 racks per hour.

Door Type Dishwashers

If you have a little larger operation and require more racks per hour to wash, door type commercial dishwasher must be your best choice. Most door type commercial dishwashers are capable of handling between 50 and 60 racks per hour and are available in both high temperature sanitizing and low temperature/chemical sanitizing models.

Undercounter Commercial Dishwashers

An undercounter dishwasher is specifically for sanitizing small mounts of glassware, flatware, and dishes.  Most under-counter commercial dishwashers are capable of washing between 20 and 35 racks per hour, making it a perfect fit for small restaurants, daycare facilities, bars, or any food service operation that wants to eliminate washing dishes by hand.

How to maintain a commercial dishwasher?

  • Regular Filter Maintenance. Check the filters of the commercial dishwasher occasionally to make sure they are not blocked by dirt.
  • Empty the dishwasher of all food particles everyday.
  • Technician Inspections. To ensure good working condition of the commercial dishwasher, schedule a regular annual check-up of the machine.
  • Educate employees on the proper use of the equipment. Misuse and abuse are among the leading causes of restaurant equipment malfunction, and most warranties will not cover repairs resulting from misuse.

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