28 Sep 2016
September 28, 2016

Bottom-Mount vs. Top-Mount Refrigerators

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Selecting the right refrigeration equipment can be a daunting task, especially for those newcomers who have never bought for a commercial purpose. There are all sorts of questions to answer about size, shape, style, capacity, and more. However, one of the first decisions to make is whether you want a bottom-mount or top-mount refrigerator.

Bottom-Mount Refrigerators

The Good: Generally speaking, bottom-mount refrigerators are easy to clean and operate. The compressor is located at the bottom of the unit where temperatures are much cooler — this makes for easier access for cleaning and operating on the unit. Similarly, steam, grease, and other harmful fumes are kept away by having the working parts of the unit at the bottom. 

The Not So Good: Bottom-mount refrigerators tend to be a bit more costly than other units. Dust and debris from the floor can get inside and cause trouble. Heat from the system can rise which may make it harder to keep the unit cool, thus resulting in less efficiency.

Top-Mount Refrigerators

The Good: Top-mount refrigerators are generally more efficient when it comes to keeping the unit cool — heat isn’t rising from the compressor and other working parts into the cabinet. These types of units also make it easier to capitalize on storage space. By having the compressor up top, this also prevents dust and debris from entering and causing problems. 

The Not So Good: Steam, grease, and other air-born fumes can get inside and, of course, heat does rise so the compressor and other parts are at the warmest area in the kitchen. In contrast to having a bottom-mount refrigerator where the parts are easily accessible for cleaning and fixing, top-mount parts are harder to reach and access.

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