13 Nov 2013
November 13, 2013

8 Things that Chefs Never Tell You


Chefs are pickier than you think

picky eater

You might think chefs need to eat everything to get new ideas for their creations, but the truth is most chefs are not willing to eat EVERYTHING. The top 5 food that chefs hate most are liver, sea urchin, tofu, eggplant and oysters, of all things. Only 15% of the chefs said they ate anything.

Avoid pasta and chicken when dine out

chicken pasta

Why? These dishes are not worth the prices on the menu. Pasta and chicken dishes are easy to make at home and chefs said they would like to pay $24 for food that they don’t usually make, or at least not that easy to make.

Chefs love fast food, TOO


You may think chefs would avoid fast food but actually most of the chefs claim they love fast food. The favorite chain among chefs’ votes: Wendy’s.

Chefs work hard for low payment


Chefs usually work between 60 to 80 hours a week and almost all of them work on holidays. 65% reported making less than $75,000 per year, compared to the waiters taking home an average of $662 per week, often tax free.

Menu “Special” are usually experimental dishes


You may think that special items usually are the popular dishes, but the truth is that specials are just a chefs’ way of using old ingredients to try out new ideas or serve seasonal ingredients. Only 5 chefs admitted that they try to empty out the fridge with nightly specials.

Don’t order fish on Sunday


Several chefs warned, “We don’t get fresh deliveries on Sunday.” So if you order seafood on Sunday, you might have the food less tasty/fresh.

Does 5 seconds rule work?

food on floor

Yes, 25% of the chefs surveyed said they’d pick up food that dropped on the floor and cook it. So the 5 seconds rule works, at least for the chefs.

Restaurants mark up wine by A LOT more than you might expect

drunk restaurant

A lot of chefs said that their wines list costs 2.5 times what the same one costs in a liquor store.

Chef Funny Facts - 8 Things that Chefs Never Tell You
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Chef Funny Facts - 8 Things that Chefs Never Tell You
According to a nationwide study, we are going to tell you the top 8 secrets you want to know about restaurants / food / dishes from the chefs - Chef Funny Facts - 8 Things that Chefs Never Tell You
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