Looking to add specific equipment to your restaurant kitchen or industrial kitchen? If so, you are probably in the process of researching commercial kitchen equipment and other suppliers in your area. However, as you compare these different suppliers, you need a way to determine which company should get your business. That is where these eight ideal characteristics come in. These are eight signs of a high-quality commercial or restaurant equipment supplier.

#1: Variety of Equipment and Supplies

The top characteristic you need from a restaurant equipment supplier is a broad range of options in equipment and supplies. This allows you to buy the brand or type of equipment that you really want, without compromising for a lesser version.

However, variety isn’t just about carrying multiple brands of a single product or supply, it is also best to find a supplier that can handle all or most of your needs. This will help save on shipping and other costs. You might even receive a discount for repeated purchases.

#2: Friendly Customer Service

Even if you are looking at an online supplier for commercial kitchen equipment, it can be beneficial to contact the company before you purchase. The retailer is more likely to have the inside scoop on the latest technology or upgrades for a specific piece of equipment. They may also be able to advise you on the best equipment for your needs.

Also, if something goes wrong with your order later on, you want to make certain the company has the customer service capacity to effectively handle the problem. Overall, customer service is indicative of your upcoming experience with a specific company.

#3: Competitive Pricing

Of course, it is impossible to ignore price when you are comparing restaurant equipment suppliers. The best companies will offer competitive prices on their equipment because they are concerned with providing a good customer experience. If you find a supplier that offers suspiciously high pricing, it isn’t the sign of a customer-oriented company. Additionally, companies that tank their prices might not have your best interest in mind.

Keep in mind that shipping and other expenses could affect pricing. Therefore, as you make price comparisons be certain that you are comparing expenses as well. You don’t want to realize your equipment was cheaper elsewhere after checkout due to fees or shipping costs.

#4: Clear Product Descriptions

There are some pieces of commercial kitchen equipment that are very specialized. This equipment can be difficult to describe through an online store, but a good supplier will take the time to effectively describe the product. Whether you are trying to compare features, size, weight, or components, it should all be clear on the seller’s website.

#5: Availability of Used Equipment

One of the quirks of restaurant equipment is that there is a significant price difference between new and slightly used pieces of equipment. Even if a food process or dishwasher left the store and was installed, but never used, the price will drop dramatically. This means that restaurants can usually find used equipment for a fraction of the price it costs to buy new.

A good seller will give you access to these rock bottom prices, even if you decide to go with a new piece of equipment.

#6: Offer of Free Shipping

As mentioned above, hidden costs or additional fees are a frustrating aspect of ordering restaurant equipment for your new eatery. If you pick the wrong seller, you are likely to see a lot of hidden costs tacked-on to your purchase. Some of the most common are regional taxes, installation fees, and of course, shipping expenses. A shipping expense is one of the costs to learn up front because pieces of restaurant equipment can be physically heavy and the costs correspondingly steep. This fact is why shipping gets its own number on this list.

Instead of incurring outrageous expenses to ship your equipment, find a company that offers free shipping or at least free shipping when you spend a certain amount. This can save you more money than you would expect.

#7: Carries High Quality Brands

There are hundreds of different types of restaurant equipment out there, and each type has versions manufactured by different companies. If you are invested in finding a top notch seller, look for a company that sells top notch equipment. Be aware that you will pay more for better equipment or supplies, but these are more likely to last you longer.

#8: Make It Easy to Buy

No one wants to be pressured into a sale, but at the same time it shouldn’t be a hassle to move from browsing and researching to buying. In fact, a good seller of restaurant kitchen equipment will make it easy for you to make a decision and then facilitate the purchase process.

Where to Buy?

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  1. It was really nice how you said that a good commercial kitchen supplier will make the decision and buying process easier by helping out with the browsing and researching. I have the idea that they can help out pretty well because they know the ins and out of the business better than anyone else. My brother was planning to start his very own restaurant business, and I’m planning to help him out just a little bit by finding the best supplier. Thanks for the tips.


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