Whether you run a restaurant, bar, cafe, bakery, or plan on having a halloween party of your own — these 5 easy ideas are sure to give your guests the creeps in all the right ways.

Desserts: For bakeries this one may be obvious, but even if your restaurant doesn’t normally serve desserts, spice things up a bit with some ghostly treats. To keep it simple, remember the four C’s:

  • Cupcakes — for truly creepy ideas check out these recipes from Country Living. Everything from graveyards to witches can be tasty!
  • Cookies — from spiderwebs to fingers, this list provides plenty of spooky cookie ideas.
  • Carmel Apples — a classic staple, right? For a new twist on an old treat, check out the Food Network’s ideas for creative toppings!
  • Cakes — cakes, cake pops, does it matter? Spiders and gravestones never looked so good. Check out some recipes here.

Drinks: Serve your guests speciality cocktails for a really freaky night out. Witches brews and Dracula’s blood never tasted so good. Check out this list of creepy cocktail ideas

Party Snacks: Whether you’re throwing a party at your bar, restaurant, or your home, these creepy snacks will satisfy your guests one gulp at a time.

Pumpkin Spice Everything: Believe the hype! Pumpkin spice flavored drinks, pies, coffees, and more are as popular as they say. No matter what food or beverages your establishment serves, there is probably an item or two that can be “spiced” up.

Decorations: Spookify your bar, cafe, or home. Everyone loves a halloween party — here are some great DIY ideas from HGTV to help “creep” out your guests.

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