13 Aug 2013
August 13, 2013

10 Facts about Marrying A Chef

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1. Eating like a queen / king

Chefs are passionate about their art and they’re very serious about it. They show their emotions through food and they often use food to romance you. You’re in for a spectacular surprise once you dine in your significant other’s restaurant or meet them for lunch. They might just surprise you with a gourmet picnic meal.

2. You get to experience an amazing variety of restaurants.

Chefs love discovering new restaurants and trying new foods he hears about in the chef circuit. These “business research” can benefit you a lot and you don’t need to worry about where to have dinner.


3. You’re going to learn so many crazy food words by accident.

You’ll be spouting off words like “mignardises,” “transglutaminase,” and “thermal immersion circulator” before you can sayVol-au-Vent. You’ll hear chefs talk about cooking techniques or their newest experiments all the time like geeky teenage boys. Eventually, you’ll pick up the words and actually understand what they’re saying.


4. You’ll try foods you would normally never try.

You’ll definitely become less of a picky eater and your chef husband will encourage you to try a lot of new cuisines.


5. They rarely cook for you at home.

Everyone always assumes that you have a magnificent home-cooked meal waiting for you all the time if you married a chef, but that is far from the truth. Why? Because a restaurant kitchen is usually a million times more fun to cook and experiment in. It often has high end gadgetry that you probably do not have (or can fit) in your home kitchen.


6. Date nights are not on the weekends.

You may have to go out to a lot of events and gatherings by yourself during weekends, because weekends are the busiest days in the restaurant industry. Holidays, Valentines and special occasions are usually the busy time for chef too.


7. You become insanely sensitive to the dining experience.

And you’ll garner sympathy for front-of-the-house staff and the kitchen staff. (Especially if you’re eating at your significant other’s restaurant.) Improper dining etiquette will annoy the hell out of you, like rude behavior (people who invite themselves to sit down when they don’t have a reservation) and crappy tipping (for the record, servers should be tipped 20%).


8. People will ask you for restaurant recommendations and cooking tips.

Or they ask you to ask him. Because you’re married to a chef, you’ve suddenly become a walking cookbook/food guide.


9. You’ll try foods you would normally never try.

You’ll definitely become less of a picky eater and your chef husband will encourage you to try a lot of new cuisines.


10. You may be alone most of the time.

If he’s the only chef in a restaurant then he might be working for a long time every day. Chefs have long, tough hours day in and day out and come home smelling from anything from smoke, to onions to fish.



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10 Facts about Marrying A Chef
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10 Facts about Marrying A Chef
10 Facts you need to know before marrying a chef, the pros and cons about marrying a chef.
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  1. It looks more like 9 than ten
    4 and 9 are the same!


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